CLB Bundle

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Chest, legs and back - what’s not to like? Well, you might not like us when you’re in your sessions but you’re sure to love the gains you’ll see when you stick to these plans.

Chisel your Chest allows you to build that body part that everyone wants: your chest. Upper and lower and both developed using this plan, but this plan isn’t easy. With three epic yet disgusting supersets included, you’re sure to feel the pain and see the growth.

 Leg Day is not to be skipped! Make sure to follow this plan to learn more about how to train your legs to develop mass and definition. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s more to training legs than a few squats and some leg extensions.

 Back Blast. Everyone wants that thick back when they’re in the gym, and this plan has all of the exercises included to add depth and width to your back. You need this plan in your life.