10 Week Tailored

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Strip your body fat and get shredded with the 10 Week HT Tailored Plan, tailored precisely for you.

You get a step-by-step workout plan and diet plan to follow for the full 10 weeks of the program. Follow it all the way through to the end and you won’t recognise yourself by the time you complete it!

This program doesn’t just tell you what to eat and what to lift — it also takes into account where you’re at right now and uses that as your starting point.

How Does It Work?

Before your program is created, we’ll send you a form to fill in so we know what your starting point is. You’ll provide us with a 2 day food diary that allows us to see what your current food intake is.

You’ll also let us know what your working hours are, your previous training experience and what your goals are.

Once we know all of that, we’ll create a fine-tuned training program along with recommendations for changes to your diet that will transform you in just 10 weeks.

You won’t be left on your own either.

If you ever feel stuck or unsure of something, get in touch and we’ll help you out. You get full support from us included as part of your program throughout the 10 weeks.